All 6 of Us

IMG_7752Welcome to our tiny house and HUGE project!  We were a family of 6 living a typical suburban life in the Los Angeles area when we decided to make a big leap.   We were tired of our big mortgage and crazy pace of life and felt badly about the environmental impact of the energy and resources that we consumed in a large home.  We put our 2400 square foot home on the market and purchased a 600 square foot tiny (or at least tiny for our situation) house in upstate NY.   Yes, that is only 100 square feet per person!  We were excited to have HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters series follow our journey.

As awesome and insane as the last few months have been with finding, purchasing and filming the tiny house, the real adventure is just beginning as we move into the house with 4 kids (ranging in age from 14 down to our 2 year-old twins) and start a complete remodel to change the function and finishes of the current space and to create an attic loft for the big girls.  We hope you enjoy watching our journey!


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