Before and After- the Exterior

When I found out that our aluminum siding could be painted, and I didn’t have to wait and save up for new siding, I was so excited!  The old color was fine, but didn’t really make a statement.

Here is the before:

The house needed a little injection of fun.   We are Dr. Who fans.  If you have never seen the show Dr. Who, the main character travels through time in a blue police box (like a phone booth), called the Tardis.  Anyone who enters the Tardis comments “it’s bigger on the inside.”  Since we often get the same comment by guests to our house, we knew that the house had to be Tardis blue!  When it was complete, it still wasn’t quite right.  I mocked up some color choices and asked our Facebook friends to vote on the trim.

Yellow was the overwhelming favorite, so we ran with it and here is the result:

Details: body color- Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams.  Door- Squash Blossom by Behr.  Porch- Behr Porch and Floor in Silver Gray.  Trim- Behr pure white