Before and After- the Lofts

Using the attic space was key to making a 600 square foot house do-able for a family of 6.  We tried to keep the girls from even seeing the dark, scary looking attic before the renovation was complete, but they snuck a peek and were HORRIFIED.   We are often asked about the older kids’ reactions to the house.  They never had any concerns about the size of the house, but were very upset at first because the house was “so ugly.”  We had lots of teen drama in our house before the results of the renovation started to be visible.  The lofts are now a huge hit and the kids have their own comfortable, private spaces.  On any given day, there are usually 2 or 3 extra kids hanging out up there because, even though we have the smallest house in the neighborhood, we appear to be one of the most popular places for the teens and pre-teens to hang out.   The girls now begrudgingly admit that the house is “pretty cool.”

Here is the before:

A little paneling and flooring went a long way!  Here is the loft in the rear of the house.

And here is the one toward the front:

The girls said that no loft was complete without fairy lights: