Before and After- the Bathroom

The bathroom was one of the most fun parts of the renovation.  It was the room that we were going to “live with” for a while while we focused on other parts of the house.   After “living with it” for a very short time, it was bumped up in priority level.


The old camp style shower leaked badly and there were creepy spider webs behind it that were hard to clean.  A little drywall and tile made a massive difference in this room.  We toyed with changing the layout and entrance for the bathroom, but in the ended, decided that it was best to keep the layout.  The room is 3 feet wide, and with the old toilet in place, we had to walk sideways to fit through the room.  After looking like a lunatic climbing over displays to measure the depths of toilets in every home improvement store in town, I found the narrowest toilet made.

A narrower toilet and awesome rectangular sink has transformed the room from cramped to very functional.  It certainly isn’t a space that two can use at the same time, but with some planning, we can all get ready in the morning without any elbows thrown.

We have 2 tall storage cabinets.  The 14 year old has one to herself and the rest of us get to share the other one!  There are some battles that aren’t worth fighting, like downsizing a teenager’s make-up!

The sink and cabinets are IKEA, the shower curtain is from Target and the light fixture is by Kichler.