Before and After- Master Bedroom

The master bedroom started as the kitchen when we bought the house.  In order to maximize every square foot, we turned the dining room into the kitchen and the kitchen into the master bedroom.  The master bedroom was the last room that we worked on.

Here is the before:

By the time we got to this room, we were so, so tired of drywall and the drywall dust mess.  In a tiny house, any renovation in one room results in mess throughout the whole house, so we got creative.   We covered the paneling in paintable wall paper.  It worked beautifully!  I have never wallpapered, but with a little practice, it was quite easy.  It gives the walls a nice, subtle texture.

Our queen bed fits perfectly under the windows.  We are able to store odds and ends in bins under the bed.  We left some of the original upper cabinets to use for storage.  A little extra moulding and we think they blend in OK, but this was mainly a functional choice vs. esthetic choice.  The cabinets are storage for our towels and pillows.

We added 2 wardrobes since the room has no closet.

It’s a cozy room and we are very comfortable in it.

The details-

Floor is Vintage Handscraped Mocha by Bruce.  All furniture by IKEA.  Walls are Steam White by Behr.